• Cargo rice : also called brown rice, cargo rice is a husked and beige rice, obtained from the paddy rice after taking out its external envelop. Packaging 1 and 25kg.
  • Paddy rice : rice as we harvest it, unhusked from its envelop. Usually, 1 kg of paddy rice makes 750 g of cargo rice and 600 g of white rice. It can’t be eaten as it is, except by some animals. Packaging : 25kg.
  • Red Rice : cultivated in Camargue, Italy and Thailand. This variety of rice is naturally red. It can be commercialized either alone or in a mix. Packaging: 1 and 25kg.
  • Wild Rice USA : grass with black and lengthened grains. It belongs to the Zizania species, improperly called rice. It comes from the Great Lakes region in North America. It is usually mixed with other rice. Its cooking time is 20 minutes. Packaging : 1, 5 and 25kg.
  • Black rice : also called “forbidden rice” since it was dedicated to the Emperor of China. Its use were forbidden to his subjects. Its cooking time is 20 – 25 minutes. Packaging: 1 and 25kg.

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