« Since 1932, three generations travel all around the world to offer you the best that men, proud of their knowledge, were able to reap from their land ».


Haudecoeur was founded in 1932 and is now a key player on the market of rice, pulses, dried fruits, spices, cereals and oriental products.

Before anything, Haudecoeur is a family company which started in 1932 in La Courneuve, where its industrial site still stands.

Since 1940, Haudecoeur develops its offer in rice, pulses, dried fruits, spices, cereals and is becoming an essential player in the grocery market.

This development will then be followed and illustrated by the creation of 6 brands specialized in world products and in particular its leading brand on the oriental market : SAMIA.

At the end of the 1980’s, Haudecoeur becomes the FIRST industrial to offer products targeted to the North African, African, Asian and Caribbean populations to supermarkets.

Haudecoeur travels all around the world to select its products from the source and import them to France where they are industrialized and packaged.


HAUDECOEUR in a few figures :