Discover 2 new must-have drinks from Maghreb in 1.5 L format! SELECTO: a drink whose unique taste embodies Algerian originality. It gently combines the natural flavors of apple and caramel. HAMOUD LEMONADE: as a true symobol of Hamoud Boualem, this … Read More

SAMIA Special kebab dürüm bread in family size

Discover our new family format of SAMIA kebab dürums, in 16 x 30 cm dürums! To fill with a variety of ingredients: minced meats, vegetables, spices, onions, sauces… A soft, extra moist texture. Can be eaten cold, warm or hot.

TANTIE Peanut Butter

Discover our new range of Tantie peanut butter, ideal for your traditional African dishes: – Rigorously selected, finely ground peanuts. – Made in France to guarantee quality. – A wide variety of formats: 500 g glass or plastic jars, 2.5 … Read More

DARI Extra Thin Capellini Chaara Pasta

Discover chaara Dari extra fin capellini chaara pasta in 500 g format! Capellini pasta is mainly used in the preparation of “Seffa”, a traditional Moroccan dish. Their curly shape and excellent cooking properties are particularly appreciated by consumers. Chaara, meaning … Read More


With Dounia Halal, not only can you enjoy a typical family dish, but you can also be sure that your dish is halal and has not been cross-contaminated. Format: 800 g.

Sauces COLONA Halal

Colona est spécialiste en sauces depuis 1963 et propose une large gamme de sauces émulsionnées froides. Accompagne les viandes, kebabs, frites et autres snacks. Découvrez les 11 recettes au format 500 ml : Samouraï Curry Pitta Poivre Américaine Bourgyburger Algérienne … Read More