• White Beans : White beans are used in the industry to make cassoulet
  • Mogette beans : are white beans native to the French department of Vendée in the region of Pays de la Loire.
  • Tarbais bean : is a local variety of French beans. It is emblematic of the French region Hautes-Pyrénées. Certified by Le Label Rouge and IGP, its specificity is ensured by rigorous specifications.
  • Large White Kidney Beans : usually used in cassoulet.
  • Madagascar Lima Bean : flat and large bean cultivated in Madagascar.
  • Navy Beans : small and round beans.
  • Cranberry Beans, Borloti, Pintas, Barbunuas : bean produced in America, South Africa and China.
  • Light Red Kidney Beans : related to dark red kidney beans because its skin stays pink while being cooked. It is veined and has a floury-texture.
  • Dark Red Kidney Beans : average size, its color varies from light red to dark red. It has a smooth and pronounced texture. Mostly consumed by Africans and in South America.
  • Black turtled Beans : average size, black and shaped like an oval. It has a sweet savor. It is the most consumed one in America. In Mexico, it is used in meals, soups and salads.
  • Black eyes Beans : beige with black eye. It is lightly smoked.
  • Green flageolet : small and flat, green with a subtle flavor. It is a French specialty.

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