• Green lentil : from France and Canada.
  • “Du Puy” Green lentils : variety of lentils cultivated in Haute-Loire in France, and profits of an AOP (protected designation of Origin) since 1996. The first vegetable AOP.
  • Eston or Laird lentils : are the biggest, the lightest and thickest of lentils. Principally used in oriental cuisine.
  • Whole red lentils,
  • Football lentils : whole and unshelled.
  • Red Split lentils : are husked. Their cooking process is faster than the other varieties. Principally used in Indian or Turkish cuisine. Their flavor is slightly spicy.
  • Beluga lentils : naturally black, those small lentils owe their name to the resemblance with caviar beluga once cooked.

Packaging: 1, 5 and 25kg.

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