SAMIA culinary aids

  • Food coloring, easy to use 33g : to bring color in your meals.
  • Colored vinegar – halal 0.5 L : traditional format.
  • Colored vinegar – halal 0.5 L: manufactured in Morocco, this vinegar is specially liked thanks to its taste and its halal warranty. Recipe totally identical to the traditional bottle.
  • White vinegar – halal 0.5 L.
  • Vegetable mix 820g : the vegetable mix (cabbage, carrot, pepper, pickle, onion) is the perfect side for cold meats. It is also used as a snack.
  • Lemon confit 820g : essential ingredients in oriental cuisine especially to cook tagine, meat, fish, pastas, bulgur and salads.
  • Alimentary bicarbonate 300g : can be used in many ways (to soften the meat, the help digest dried vegetables, etc.)
  • Samia halal gravies 100g : 2 recipes free from preservatives and gluten-free. Veal/chicken gravy

Packaging 100g


Those specialties come in complement with our wide range of rice, pulses, dried fruits, semolina, spices and go along with every meals.

Directly imported from the country of origin for most, those specialties are rigorously chosen in order to ensure the quality and authenticity.

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